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3.0.7 Notifications fix + better log in

Release Notes

This build contains a fix to notifications. If you are not getting notifications, please log out and in again. This should fix the problem.


Here's what we updated

- Log in is better now. You won't have to enter your password every time.

- Improved input fields so line breaks work better (especially on Android)

- Events will be displayed in your calendar until end time. This is the way!

- Event pricing: Made a small update to events that are free, but where payment is set to 'other method'. From now on these events will not appear as free. Instead we will display the information you entered under payment method. This is handy if you are a group of people who split the bill, but you don't know the exact amount when you create the event.


Nerdy updates:

- Added a new Cheat Code, so you can prevent residents from adding family members.

- Refactoring for performance and stability